PAP “Innovation, Quality and Professionalism.”

Since the beginning of the manufacturing process and without direct intervention of operators on the product, the panel is surpassing every stage of production until it is packed and left ready to be loaded directly in transport. The process is continuous, thanks to the four decoilers enabling automatic incorporation of steel, once this is completed without the need to stop production.


Then the steel plates are exposed to optimum temperature, so as to ensure perfect adhesion of the foam, once injected is treated in high-performance furnaces. At present, allows for the heating of the press, facilitates and improves the internal growth of the foam in the panel.


The panel reaches the area of stabilization, a new technology, which allows to cool and stabilize the foam, once at room temperature is moved to the area of cleaning and finishing. This ensures a perfect mating of a panel with another, thus providing a continuous and uniform insulation and prevents thermal risk.


The manufacturing process ends at the automatic packaging area, which leaves batchs ready for delivery. A modern and automated process, that guarantees the highest quality panel and approved for the food industry. Results of the association of experts and professionalism of its staff.


The main objective of this company out to offer excellent insulation and structial performance, to comply with European normative, to offer a wide verities solutions, to ensure easy assembly and to use high quality materials and fully automatic production process.





PAP Insulation Panels Production Process


PAP has become a trusted supplier in its sector given to its innovative union between paels and quality materials.

Professionals, users and partners are part of the mission as recipients of PAP technology as constant searchers of the best solutions.


A factory that meets the needs of the industry, construction and refrigeration sectors with art products and professional responsiveness.

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