PAP “Innovation, Quality and Professionalism”


Located in Montalbo (Cuenca), it is dedicated to the continuous production of high quality insulating panels for construction industries, agrofood sector, logistic warehouses, large areas,…

               and all type of isolation for construction
                                    systems of industrial panel



Operating area of more than 7000 m² and 20.000m² for the exterior.


PAP was created in May 2007 from the alliance between companies with more than 20 years of experience, committed to this join investment, contributing financial, technical and human resources.


A factory that meets the needs of the construction and refrigeration sectors with state of the art products and a very professional capacity to respond to demand.


High fire and mechanic resistance clasification. PAP offers high quality state of art products and insulation performance for manufacture of continuous panel in Spain. As well as refrigeration, roof and cladding formats for industrial buildings with the most advanced technology.




Laboratorio PAP


Innovation, quality and professionalism are the key of our success. Every PAP product we manufacture with the latest technology in a plant prepared to meet the needs of the construction and refrigeration sectors. PAP offers state of the art products and a very professional capacity to respond to demand.


PAP ha been created to become a trusted provider of construction and refrigeration sectors, for it's innovative joint system between panels and quality materials.


Professionals and users are part of our mission as principal recipients of PAP tecnology, besides being the reason of our constant search for the best solutions.


Considerable investment allows the company to enjoy the most modern and efficient manufacturing machinery continuous panel installed in Spain.

Certifications and Environment

All PAP products are manufactured to ensure compliance with international normative and with respect to the Kyoto Protocol, as well as legislation on environment, health and safety.

PAP has also achieved ISO 9001 certification for its high quality processes stadards.

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