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PAP is one of the most automated and innovative refrigeration panel factories in the world, combining technical know-how and installation experience for a product of unique quality in the market.

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In May 2007, discontinuous panel manufacturers with more than 50 years of experience in insulation formed a strategic partnership from which PAP was established. Committed to this joint project, they combined their know-how and provided the financial, technical and human resources to achieve what is now a success: the insulation panel factory with the best performance in the market.

A new joint system was developed for the panel, with an innovative triple joint and a perfect joint seal that is obtained by a final milling process that is unique in the market to ensure, once installed, insulation with a perfect thermal barrier..

In addition, extensive knowledge of both the production process and chemical formulations gives our refrigeration panel cutting-edge microcellular insulation.


To be a leader in the refrigeration panel industry through constant investment in high-quality and sustainable products, ready to meet the most demanding technical and environmental regulations in the world.