FRIGOPAP+ with QUANTEC technology

A true panel
for refrigeration applications

We present a new technology.
A step ahead in thermal insulation.

New ultra-efficient PIR Formula

QUANTEC’s cutting edge microcellular insulating material is one of the most advanced and sustainable in the world, guaranteeing its insulating properties for more than 50 years*.

* Certified with Durability Assessment by BLP.

A panel created for the refrigeration industry

For demanding refrigeration applications, a panel designed exclusively for it.

The QUANTEC joint is unique thanks to its grinded finish and its triple-joint shape that provides maximum mechanical resistance.

The direct connection of polyurethane between two panels creates a perfect thermal barrier.

This panel is also designed to maintain the tightness of the enclosure, achieving the highest thermal efficiency and offering great mechanical and chemical resistance.

Best thermal conductivity coefficient of the market

Thermal conductivity – λ = 0,0169 W/mK thanks to QUANTEC formula of cutting-edge Poly-Iso microcellular insulating material for maximum thermal efficiency.

High thermal efficiency brings multiple benefits, such as reducing energy consumption and the carbon footprint.

Maximum fire protection

Offering the FM 4882 certification as only Iberian manufacturer of refrigeration panels – and without height limit.

corresponding to smoke-sensitive facilities with food or pharmaceutical production and storage requirements.
FM 4880 / FM 4881

EUROCLASS Reaction to Fire Certification: B-s1, d0

Fire Resistance Certification: Ei 60 (with maximum height 7.5m, test failure at minute 87‘).

E120 (with maximum height 7.5m)

Ecological awareness and green building

Panels compliant with LEED and BREEAM construction certifications for environmental sustainability

We collaborate in the European polyurethane recycling program “Life Repolyuse”.

Manufacturing with 100% renewable energy.

ISO 14001 and Carbon Footprint environmental certifications.

EPD available Environmental Product Declaration).